Saturday, July 28, 2012

About the Photographer

Hi, I’m Ken, the owner/photographer of Kenny D. Photography located near San Antonio, Texas.

I started in photography developing prints in my fathers darkroom. I don’t recall being particularly interested in photography at the time, but processing negatives, exposing and developing prints left a lasting impression on me.

The summer following my freshman year in high school, I started on my journey into photography using a Petri 35mm SLR camera. Later, during my senior year, I purchased an Olympus OM-1.  I stayed with the Olympus system of bodies and lenses until 2003.

In 1997 I had the opportunity to use a Kodak DCS 420 to take industrial photographs for use in computer aided instruction.  This was my initial exposure to digital photography and it left me wondering why I was still shooting film.  Well, the answer to that was cost.  At that point in time digital photography was in its infancy and the price of a digital camera body was several times the cost of a professional film body.  But I had caught the digital bug and knew that when prices were affordable, I’d be there waiting to buy a digital camera.

I bought my first digital camera (a Canon 10D) in 2003 and much of what I knew about photography changed.  I no longer had to buy film, my images were available to me the same day and I could easily share images with family and friends via email.  I already owned a printer capable of printing photos, not professional quality prints, but close enough to suit me at the time.

Since then I’ve used the instant feedback of digital photography to grow my technical skills and become adept at many types of photography. I also have spent countless hours learning to edit my images using programs such as Photoshop (since Photoshop 4), Lightroom (since it was introduced), OnOne Suite (starting with suite 4), Corel, Portrait Professional, Topaz labs, Fotofusion and Express Digital Darkroom (specialty event software). 

In 2008 I opened Kenny D Photography and started accepting clients for Weddings, QuinceaƱeras, Family portraits, Corporate events, Action sports, Business head shots, High School Senior Portraits and Commercial photography. 

My clients include Gamestop (2010 convention), Jolesch Photography, UTSA Alumni Association, UTSA, Gladiator Rock and Run, Kreutz Photography, Union Pacific Railroad, Photos in a Minute, Action Photos, Gulf Coast Imaging Studios, and many private individuals seeking professional family portraits and high quality action sports photos.

I provide multiple viewing stations with fast on-site printing as part of my event photography offerings.  If you have a corporate or personal event and need a professional event photographer, contact me today and ask for a quote.